Hi Colm,

I have long wavy hair, but I would like to have more of a curled affect, do people still get perms (bodywaves). I have some highlights
is this a crazy idea?

Michelle, City Centre


Hi Michelle,

I love to work with curly hair and in most Irish hair types this can be very easy to create. It may not be necessary to permanently curl
(perm/bodywave) your hair although most perming lotions and techniques have been modernised for a softer natural affect, gone are the electrified frizz bombs of the 80’s. If you already have wavy hair, first start by having some layers chopped in to add texture and bounce. By shortening the layers, your curls should spring to life, especially with the aid of a good styling product. After washing and towel drying your hair, apply 1 pump of Tigi Curls Rock (€13.65), then use a diffuser on your dryer to allow the air to be spread out and slowed down to help create volume. When your hair is almost dry, then add some serum or shine spray to define each curl. Be sure not to dry your hair completely as this can create frizz. For those days you are rushing to work, pop in some Curls Rock and leave it dry naturally.

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