Continuously on the hunt for tools to the healthier hair or the ideal canvas for impeccable styling, L’Oreal Professional brings The SteamPod. Combining the power of steam and accompanying retail range that continues to repair at home with Pro-Keratin technology, the SteamPod allows stylists to reveal visibly repaired, strengthened and hydrated hair, exceptional smoothness, unparalleled shine, long-lasting results and a superior blow-dry finish.


So, how does it work? The steam gently opens up the hair cuticle, progressively warming up the fibre to prevent heat shock. The repairing treatment is then delivered to the core of the fibre, the cuticle is smoothed and the ends are sealed for a flawless finish and the transformation is immediately visible!


The SteamPod treatment is now available in salon. At approximately €5.00 per treatment, the SteamPod is in addition to any other service in salon. It will give your blow-dry a smoother, glossier, long lasting finish then ever before.



Are you ready for the SteamPod?


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