Dear Colm,

I just bought my 16-year-old daughter a hair straightner for
Christmas, and im afraid it will destroy her hair. Have I made a bad


Dear Helen,

What a nice gift to receive, ive just broken my own straightner and was wishing I would get one from Santa! Hair Straightners are perfectly fine as long as they are used properly and in moderation. First prepare the hair with heat protector, such as one of the many Ghd sprays or Iron finish from L’Oreal Professional. These products form a protective barrier over the hair and also contain conditioning agents, which are
heat activated. Use the straightening irons to smooth out the hair after blowdrying to create a straight sleek look. The key to using the irons is to only use them to finish the look and to smooth out the hair quickly. (If a straightening iron is left on the hair for too long or used excessively, it will burn the hair.) Then gloss the hair with a little serum such as Glaze Haze from TIGI to put back in any moisture that is lost. Some straightening irons heat up to 220c, so it would be
a good idea to give her a hand using it for the first while, this way you can ensure they are not over used. I hope the both of you have great fun creating many different styles, and I hope it’s not too late for me to send my letter to Santa!!

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