Hi Colm,

I usually wear my hair close to it’s natural brunette shade, last year I had some blonde highlights put through it, I’m feeling more adventurous and would love to try being a red head, is this a good move? Which shade will I go for?

Sam, Dunmore East


Hi Sam,

You go for it girl!!! There is a shade of red to suit everybody, depending on your skin colour. A good rule of thumb is that if you are cool toned, and tend to pick cool toned clothes and make-up (lavender, blue, purple, green etc) and wear silver jewellery, then choose a shade of red which is also cool toned, (burgundy, plum, mahogany). If you are warm toned, wear golden jewellery and wear warm colours, (orange, yellow, red etc), then choose a warm shade of red hair colour (copper-gold, copper, red etc).

How vibrant you wear a red shade depends on how light or dark your skin is and how brave you are to wear it!!  We can look at our celebrity friends for inspiration, and mentioning them in salon as a reference will always be a good guide to your colourist. Classic copper natural Nicole Kidman to eccentric and electric Vivienne Westwood, not forgetting raunchy red head Rihanna last year to Mahogany Mouthpiece Sharon Osbourne.

I would always advise when having a drastic hair colour change to consult a professional Make-up artist, who can advise you on the best tips to enhance your fiery locks.

Also Sam,as you are going from Blonde to Red, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! You will end up with Pink hair that will fade rapidly, so be sure to have a professional colour service, where the proper after care can also be advised on.

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