Hi Colm,
I’ve had dandruff for the last few months, my scalp is
always itchy and it flakes when I scratch it. I normally use gel to
style it, and I have tried various anti-dandruff treatments from the
chemist.Im very embarrassed about my problem as my colleagues are
starting to notice the flakes on my suits at work.

Stephen, city centre.

Hi Stephen,
It’s great to see a man coming forward and seeking help
for this condition as so many suffer in silence. First you need to find
is your condition definitely dandruff, a good indication is when the
flakes are yellow in colour, with a slight smell. This is due to dandruff
being a yeast infection, if this is the case I would recommend a course
of Power Clear from L’Oreal Professional to clear this up.
If however the flakes are just dry skin, do not use an
anti-dandruff treatment as these can cause extra irritation. Dry skin on
the scalp occurs for many reasons, such as in the winter we tend to have
extra heating on, remembering that the majority of heat comes out of the
top of our head, this can cause the scalp to become dry, irratated and
flakey. As with most busy boys these days, often not enough time is taken
in the shower to rinse out shampoo and styling products, this also leads
to irritation. For dry and sensitive scalps I would recommend Sensi
Balance from L’Oreal Professional, it’s a great cleansing shampoo to
remove product build up, but is also gentle to leave the scalp feeling
cool and fresh.
Having trouble self-diagnosing your scalp condition? Feel
a bit embarrassed coming to the salon to talk about it? Or if the symptoms
do not improve after following my advice, then you should consult your
GP.A flaky scalp is never a good look, especially on somebody with
short hair, which makes it easily visible. So get it sorted!

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