Hi Colm,

I have had my hair coloured with foils for many years, with one brown lowlight and two blonde highlights. I love the colour when it’s first done but after a few weeks my brown lowlights fade to a rusty colour, is there anything to combat this?

Deirdre, Annestown.


Hi Deirdre,

This is a problem that a lot of people face when you have lowlights and highlights together. As the ends of your hair have been lightened for many years and no doubt over-processed it can be very difficult for lowlights not to fade or become rusty. You need to consult with a colour specialist to fix this, the first step might be to simply deepen the lowlight or change the tone to a more ashen shade, secondly in extreme cases the lowlights need to be pre-coloured first to ensure a longer lasting result. When your hair is being coloured it is important that the colourist weaves out the previously coloured lowlights to be darkened again. This ensures that the ends of your hair are not being lightened and damaged unnecessarily.


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