Hi Colm,

Over the past Three years, I have been having the Brazilian Blow-dry treatment in my hair, I absolutely loved the results but unfortunately it has been taken off the market as it contained formaldehyde. Is there an alternative I can’t find anything similar anywhere!

Please help,

Kathleen, Dunmore

Hi Kathleen,

You are not the only client in despair at the sad news that the Brazilian Blow-dry was deleted from the Irish market, but thankfully AlfaParf have just launched Lisse Design Keratin Therapy. There has never been a more hair-friendly hair smoothening treatment and Lisse Design Keratin Therapy is now available through AlfaParf salons. Its formaldehyde free. Say goodbye to bad hair days, even the most unruly hair takes minutes to manage and style, saving you valuable time, making stressful mornings a thing of the past.

The treatment lasts for up to three months and eliminates frizz. It combines a Keratin base with a kera-collagen complex and Babassu oil. So, no frizz for someone washing their hair two or three times a week and, no matter how coloured highlighted or bleached the hair is. AlfaParf guarantees a magnificently smooth finish. After the initial salon treatment, AlfaParf recommends a standard maintenance routine of a specially formulated Lisse Design Keratin Therapy shampoo (rrp €17.95) and conditioner (rrp €17.95). Both are free of sulphates, salt and parabens

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