Hi Colm,

I always visited my local salon every six to eight weeks to have the roots of my blonde colour touched up,and each weekend for a blowdry. I can no longer afford this luxury and I’m going to brave colouring it at home myself. Can you advise me on which supermarket home dye would be best?

Carol, Ballybricken


Hi Carol,

Since the downturn in the economy, this is a situation we deal with everyday at the salon. Although it may seem a luxury to have your hair professionally done, is there really a price on beauty? Every woman deserves the right to look and feel at their best, all salons recognise this and most have created loyalty schemes or discounted rates at quieter times, (usually early in the week), if you plan your salon visits around these times you will avail of great savings. As for using home dyes to lighten your hair, I would be totally against this, as I’ve seen too many home disasters coming back to the salon for fix up’s, which always end up costing much more in the long run and extremely damaging the condition of your hair. Is this what could have happened to Rhianna’s hair at the Grammy’s last week?

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