Hey Colm,

I have naturally curly hair, how do I achieve a sleek look when blowdrying and styling? My hair goes frizzy as soon as I go out in damp/windy/humid weather. Please help! Ellen.


Hi Ellen,

A huge majority of Irish people have unmanageable frizzy hair, but there is always a solution to your problem. First your hair should be examined to check is it suitable for chemical or Keratin straightening treatment.These treatments either grow out or wear off over a few months. These treatments can be quite expensive but are extremely effective.

If your hair is not excessively frizzy, I would recomend using Moroccan oil treatment, (RRP E38),this nourishes the cuticle, and helps to tame down your frizz. When used in conjunction with Moroccan oil shampoo & conditioner, your hair will be in tip top shape and much easier to manage.

If these products are a little out of your price range, I would recommend Mythic oil from L’oreal Professional (RRP E19.95), which is great for hair that needs a little love, this oil is magic!!!

Best of luck Ellen, hopefully you will be Frizz Free in no time!  Keep your questions coming, www.colm@colmmorrissey.com

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