Hi Colm,

I’m makin my Debs this september and im still very undecided whether to wear my hair up or down on the night. I have long straight hair,  what do you suggest?

Jane, Tramore.

Hi Jane,

I bet by now you are extremely excited! Firstly I would advise any young lady making her Deb’s to have a trial done first, (I know how fussy debutant girls can be!), nothing worse than tantrums and tiara’s on  your big day. Deb’s hair should be kept very classy and elegant, it should enhance what you are wearing, not take from it. If you don’t normally wear your hair up, you might find it to be a bit too severe, especially if you are not used to
it. You need to feel confident wearing it off your face, so half up with some soft wave and movement around the front is always a safe option. A very popular look at the moment is a curly blowdry,which after some back combing gives a fabulous red carpet effect.
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable on the night, loads of clips, extensions, etc are a no-no if you are not familiar with how they feel, the last thing you need is a headache all evening. Speak to your stylist about the shape of your dress, this is always
a good indication of whether your hair should be worn on/off the neck, whether you are accessorising with earrings or a necklace etc is also vital information.
As we head towards that time of year again,now is your chance to ring salon’s and get the appointments you are looking for ,be sure to book your make up at the same time.The best time to be beautified is in the afternoon,we dont want those curls to drop too fast! We will be offering special make-up/hair packages,so be sure to
get in touch.

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