Hi Colm,

              I want to start experimenting with luminous bright colours in my hair. Im 17 and other girls in my class have it done, My hair is very long, so im afraid to bleach it first. Is there anything I can do?

 Emma, Waterford

Hi Emma,

Crazy colours are great fun but as they are temporary, they need to be applied to pre-lightened (bleached) hair. This is because the lighter the base they are applied to the more luminous the result will be. Imagine putting red paint on a white wall, you will achieve a bright pink shade, paint red on a dark wall and a deep red shade will result, same rules apply to hair colouring. If you apply a Crazy colour on natural hair, a very subtle result is to be expected unless you are naturally very light!

Crazy colour also tends to fade fast but can be easily topped up again or changed to another dazzling shade.

  Have fun Emma

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