Hi Colm,

My eight year old daughter is returning to school next week. She had recurring head lice last year and I want to prevent it happening again. Any suggestions?


Margaret, Kilmacow




Hi Margaret,


Millions of people catch head lice in the Uk and Ireland every year, and they are most common in school children. Your Childs hair can be long, short, straight, curly, light, dark, clean or dirty. Head lice don’t discriminate.


Head lice are tiny, wingless insects. They can’t survive the cold, so they cling to our hair keeping close to the warmth of our heads. Head lice are harmless, they will just cause your Childs head to itch.


To detect if there is head lice present, use a comb to see if there is a live louse on your head. Many treatments are available, the most commonly used is Full Marks, which is available in most supermarkets and chemists.


A more natural treatment and a great preventative is a tea tree spray, which helps top repel the little critter. Just sprits your daughters hair each morning, and regularly check for reinfestations. Always advise the school of any nasty visitors, this will help other parents to keep the problem at bay. Tea tree spray is available at all natural health stores.



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