Hey Colm,

I’m thinking of lightening my hair coming into the summer. I’m naturally mousey brown, but when I had highlights before I found the up keep and maintainence too much money and work, any suggestions?

Sarah, Tramore

Hi Sarah,

A great way for us to lighten your hair, without too much maintanence would be to use a technique called Balyage. This technique involves lightening the ends of your hair,and gradually blending up to the top but not right to the root,this allows you to have a grown out,  naturally sunlightened effect, think Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the city!

I’m in Sydney at the moment,  and as I look around Bondi Beach as I write this,  I can see that Balyage is right on trend, for the natural just off the beach/back off holiday look, it’s a great introduction to highlights for those colour shy girls out there. The advantage that the Aussies have is that the sun is naturally lightening their hair,  not much hope of this happening on Tramore Beach, so its of to the salon for you!
If you feel there may be too much of a contrast between the roots and the ends,then a few fine highlights can be added to the outer layer to soften the look even more. Always remember that the lighter you go the more expense and maintanence there is.


Enjoy St Patricks day everyone as I say goodbye to the sunshine and prepare to go back to work  next tuesday, don’t forget it’s Mothers day this Sunday, they always love a salon gift voucher!
Keep your questions coming to colm@colmmorrissey.com

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