Hi Colm,

Since having my baby six months ago, my hair seems to be in very poor condition, my hairline at the front has snapped off, I have split-ends and generally it is in a mess. Is it going to get any worse?

 Gayle, Tramore.


Hi Gayle,

Most women experience some hair loss in the months after their baby is born, thankfully by the time you notice the stump-like growth around your hairline, your hair is already going back. The hair loss is associated with the hormonal changes your body is experiencing, and many people on strict diets that affect the growth hormone also experience some hair shedding.

The best course of action is to ensure the rest of your hair stays in good condition, so get any split ends trimmed off, and invest in a good quality salon professional shampoo and conditioning treatment. A trip to your nearest natural health store for a course of ‘hair, skin & nail’ vitamin tablets will feed your hair from within, but some patience is required while your hairline grows back.


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