Hi Colm,

Im going to Tramore races for Ladies day for the first time this weekend. Im not sure what to wear or do with my hair, Im not even sure how stylish it is!!

Please give me some advice,

Susan, Ferrybank.



Hi Susan,

First of all you are going to have a fantastic day at the races in Tramore. I go every year, the craic is mighty and we are always really busy that week styling all the ladies for the most fashionable day of the race meeting. The style last year was a real mixed bag, and I think it depends on how serious you take ladies day, whether your entering the competition for best dressed, who you are there with and of course the weather.

If the weather is nice you can be sure that the maxi dress will be out in force, the maxi always looks great with long flowing locks with plenty of volume and movement, so if your hair is below shoulder length be sure to ask your stylist for a curly blow-dry, or try some heated rollers at home for a natural tousled effect.

The contenders for best dressed are easily spotted in designer couture, accessorised with elaborate fascinators, feathers and classic well groomed up styles. If you are not used to wearing your hair up, or having it off your face it might be advisable go for a softer style, which will compliment your features. Is there a bunch of girls going with you? Check out what style they are aiming for, this will make you feel a lot more confident.

The top tip of the day is to be comfortable, it’s a long day and night!!! These are the only tips I will give out, as I don’t know one end of a horse to the other. I hope you really enjoy the day Susan and be sure to come up and say hello if you spot me there, maybe buy me a drink from your winnings !!!


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