Hi Colm,

I have an extremely sensitive scalp and I find most shampoo’s too strong on it. Ive tried various baby shampoos and PH balanced ones, these leave my hair too dry, any suggestions?

Linda, Dunhill


Hi Linda,

Most supermarket shampoos contain a lot of detergent (sodium laurel sulphate), this can dry out your hair, irritate your scalp and cause colour fade. Now that we are living in an age where everybody is going down the organic route, you should try L’Oreal’s serie Expert Nature range. It has 99% natural origin ingredients and is completely paraben and sulphate free. The range is perfect for all hair types as there is a product to suit everybody. The shampoos are completely safe to use with permanent straightening or (12 week) Brazilian blow-drying. L’Oreal have combined the best bits of their hair care know- how, with a touch of nature!!


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