Hi Colm,

I colour my hair with a permanent chestnut shade. I have to colour my grey roots every six weeks but the ends of my hair always fade in-between my salon visits. Is there anything I can do about this?

Susan, Portlaw


Hi Susan,

Most permanent hair colour is susceptible to a certain amount of fade in-between salon visits, usually depending on the shade of hair colour and how frequently you have it retinted. The shades that seem to fade the most are reds and copper, this is because they are so vibrant when first applied, and any amount of fade is very noticeable. To keep reds and coppers at their most luminous I would advise a gloss colour every three weeks. This is a semi permanent colour that will relight that fire and have your tresses glowing. When first colouring your hair red or copper it is important to be aware of the cost of maintaining it, working out a plan with your colourist/stylist is a good idea.

Darker shades, browns etc, tend to fade the least. They normally just need a bit of tone and a shine boost, for this I recommend Chroma Care from L’Oreal Serie expert range RRP E19.95. Chroma Care is a conditioning treatment with some colour pigment added; it’s available for cool/warm browns, reds, burgundy’s, and golden/beige blonde. It’s perfect for those sun kissed blondes that don’t want to go too light in the summer months. The treatment is simple to use, just apply like a conditioning treatment to towel dried hair, leave it for a few minutes and rinse, no need for gloves and no mess involved!


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